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Acres to Ares

Acres to Hectares

Acres to Square Feet

Acres to Square Kilometers

Acres to Square Meters

Acres to Square Miles

Acres to Square Yards

Cables to Fathoms

Cables to Meters

Cables to Yards

Carat to Milligrams

Centimeters to Feet

Centimeters to Inches

Centimeters to Meters

Centimeters to Yards

Cubic Centimeters to Cubic Inches

Cubic Feet to Bushels

Cubic Feet to Cubic Decimeters

Cubic Feet to Cubic Inches

Cubic Feet to Cubic Meters

Cubic Feet to Cubic Yards

Cubic Feet to Dry Pints

Cubic Feet to Dry Quarts

Cubic Feet to Gallons

Cubic Feet to Gills

Cubic Feet to Liquid Ounces

Cubic Feet to Liquid Pints

Cubic Feet to Liquid Quarts

Cubic Feet to Liters

Cubic Feet to Pecks

Cubic Inches to Bushels

Cubic Inches to Cubic Centimeters

Cubic Inches to Cubic Feet

Cubic Inches to Cubic Meters

Cubic Inches to Cubic Yards

Cubic Inches to Dry Pints

Cubic Inches to Dry Quarts

Cubic Inches to Gallons

Cubic Inches to Gills

Cubic Inches to Liquid Ounces

Cubic Inches to Liquid Pints

Cubic Inches to Liquid Quarts

Cubic Inches to Liters

Cubic Inches to Milliliters

Cubic Inches to Pecks

Cubic Meters to Bushels

Cubic Meters to Cubic Feet

Cubic Meters to Cubic Inches

Cubic Meters to Cubic Yards

Cubic Meters to Gallons

Cubic Meters to Liters

Cubic Meters to Pecks

Cubic Yards to Cubic Feet

Cubic Yards to Cubic Inches

Cubic Yards to Cubic Meters

Cubic Yards to Gallons

Cubic Yards to Liters

Cubic Yards to Pecks

Cups to Ounces

Cups to Liters

Dekaliters to Bushels

Dekaliters to Cubic Feet

Dekaliters to Cubic Inches

Dekaliters to Dry Pints

Dekaliters to Dry Quarts

Dekaliters to Liters

Dekaliters to Pecks

Fathoms to Feet

Fathoms to Meters

Feet to Centimeters

Feet to Inches

Feet to Kilometers

Feet to Meters

Feet to Statute Miles

Feet to Yards

Furlongs to Feet

Furlongs to Inches

Furlongs to Meters

Furlongs to Statute Miles

Furlongs to Yards

Grains to Grams

Grains to Kilograms

Grains to Milligrams

Grains to Pennyweights

Grains to Scruples

Grains to Troy Drams

Grains to Troy Ounces

Grains to Troy Pounds

Grams to Grains

Grams to Kilograms

Grams to Milligrams

Grams to Troy Ounces

Grams to Troy Pounds

Hands to Centimeters

Hands to Inches

Hectares to Acres

Hectares to Square Feet

Hectares to Square Kilometers

Hectares to Square Meters

Hectares to Square Miles

Hectares to Square Yards

Inches to Centimeters

Inches to Feet

Inches to Meters

Inches to Millimeters

Inches to Yards

Kilograms to Grains

Kilograms to Grams

Kilograms to Long Tons

Kilograms to Metric Tons

Kilograms to Short Tons

Kilograms to Troy Ounces

Kilograms to Troy Pounds

Kilometers to Meters

Kilometers to Statute Miles

Knots to Kilometers

Knots to Miles

Liters to Bushels

Liters to Cubic Feet

Liters to Cubic Inches

Liters to Cubic Meters

Liters to Cubic Yards

Liters to Dekaliters

Liters to Dry Pints

Liters to Dry Quarts

Liters to Gallons

Liters to US Gills

Liters to Liquid Ounces

Liters to Liquid Pints

Liters to Liquid Quarts

Liters to Milliliters

Liters to Pecks

Meters to Centimeters

Meters to Feet

Meters to Inches

Meters to Kilometers

Meters to Millimeters

Meters to Statute Miles

Meters to Yards

Microns to Meters

Microns to Inches

Milligrams to Grains

Milliliters to Cubic Inches

Milliliters to Gallons

Milliliters to US Gills

Milliliters to Liquid Ounces

Milliliters to Liquid Pints

Milliliters to Liquid Quarts

Milliliters to Liters

Milliliters to Minims

Millimeters to Inches

Mils to Inches

Mils to Millimeters

Nautical Leagues to Kilometers

Nautical Leagues to Nautical Miles

Rods to Feet

Rods to Meters

Rods to Yards

Scruples to Grains

Scruples to Grams

Scruples to Troy Drams

Spans to Centimeters

Spans to Inches

Square Centimeters to Square Feet

Square Centimeters to Square Inches

Square Centimeters to Square Meters

Square Centimeters to Square Yards

Square Feet to Square Centimeters

Square Feet to Square Decimeters

Square Feet to Square Inches

Square Feet to Square Meters

Square Feet to Square Yards

Square Inches to Square Centimeters

Square Inches to Square Feet

Square Inches to Square Meters

Square Inches to Square Yards

Square Kilometers to Acres

Square Kilometers to Hectares

Square Kilometers to Square Meters

Square Kilometers to Statute Miles

Square Meters to Acres

Square Meters to Hectares

Square Meters to Square Centimeters

Square Meters to Square Feet

Square Meters to Square Inches

Square Meters to Square Yards

Square Miles to Acres

Square Miles to Hectares

Square Miles to Square Feet

Square Miles to Square Meters

Square Miles to Square Yards

Square Rods to Acres

Square Rods to Square Meters

Square Rods to Square Yards

Square Yards to Acres

Square Yards to Hectares

Square Yards to Square Centimeters

Square Yards to Square Feet

Square Yards to Square Meters

Square Yards to Square Miles

Tablespoons to Milliliters

Tablespoons to Teaspoons

Teaspoons to Milliliters

Teaspoons to Tablespoons

Yards to Centimeters

Yards to Feet

Yards to Inches

Yards to Meters

Yards to Miles

Measuring - Metric System focuses on the metric system. Viewers learn about the metric units used to measure length, volume and mass, and how to make metric conversions. Interesting examples from real life will help viewers develop a sense of size in metric terms - from very small to very large. The program includes a discussion of where the metric system has become dominant, and why it is considered an improvement over the standard (English) system still used in the United States.

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