Kids Trivia Questions

Interesting and Educational Kids Trivia Questions

How many dots on a die?

How many Supreme Court Justices?

How many letters in the Hawaiian alphabet?

How many colors in a rainbow?

How many bones does the human body have?

What is highest score in a bowling game?

How many squares on a monopoly board?

How many United States Senators?

How many disciples did Jesus have?

What is the least amount of coins to make 49 cents?

What is the number Pi?

How many people in a duet?

How many letters in the english alphabet?

How many pockets does a pool table have?

How many sides does a hexagon have?

How many sides does a nonagon have?

How many lives does a cat have?

How many numbers on a credit card?

How many minutes to hours?

How many hours to days?

How many ships did Columbus have?

What number is this letter in the alphabet?

How many deadly sins?

How many sides does a pentagon have?

How many sides does a octagon have?

How many sides does a decagon have?

How many stomachs does a cow have?

How many minutes to days?

How many chess pieces?

How many squares on a chess board?

How many oars on a gondola?

What century do we live in?

How many arms does starfish have?

How many in a baker's dozen?

What year was Jesus born?

How many Harry Potter books?

How many legs on a tripod?

How many symphonies did Beethoven write?

How many in a dozen?

How long did the 100 year war last?

How many sides on a stop sign?

How many lines in a limerick?

How many drummers drumming?

How many Pipers Piping?

How many Lords-a-Leaping?

How many Ladies Dancing?

How many Maids-a-Milking?

How many Swans-a-Swimming?

How many Geese-a-Laying?

How many Gold Rings?

How many Calling birds?

How many French Hens?

How many Turtle Doves?

How many Partridge in a Pear Tree?

Kids Trivia Answers
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