What is a Piñata?

Piñata simply defined and explained

A piñata is typically a colorful papier-mâché animal (or some other shape), with a hollow cavity filled with candy or small toys and treats. The piñata is originally from China, but is now a large part of Mexican tradition and culture. It is also very popular in the United States on Cinco de Mayo and at children's birthday parties. But do you know what the piñata really is?

Okay, so you have been to a party where people are blindfolded, spun around, they hit the piñata until treats come out, and then everyone grabs as many treats as they can. But do you know what the piñata represents? Do you know what the piñata really means?

The piñata represents the struggle of man against temptation. The actual piñata that you hit represents evil, and the candy, fruit, or treats inside are the temptations of evil. Furthermore, the blindfolded person hitting the piñata represents faith. The people that turn the hitter around and sing are representing the confusion and disorientation the temptation creates.

When the blindfolded person hits the piñata, he or she is struggling between temptation and evil. Then, when the piñata is cracked and the treats finally come out, it represents the rewards you get from keeping your faith.

As we mentioned above, piñatas are used for birthday parties and Cinco de Mayo celebrations in America and we recommend that you memorize the piñata song below, so you are prepared for your next Mexican party.

Dale, dale, dale.
No pierdas el tino.
Porque si lo pierdes.
Pierdes el camino.
Ya le diste una.
Ya le diste dos.
Ya le diste tres.
Y tu tiempo se acabó.

Hit it, hit it, hit it.
Don’t lose your aim.
Because if you lose it.
You lose the way.
You hit it once.
You hit it twice.
You hit it three times.
And your time is up.

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