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Window Sticker lookup
Use the VIN to see the Window Sticker (Monroney sticker)

Window sticker Lookup

Every new vehicle in the United States comes with a Window Sticker (Monroney sticker) that lists important information about the vehicle. It list such things as what kind of vehicle it is, year built, color, MSRP (Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price), technical specifications, standard and optional equipment installed and Fuel Economy ratings.

It is very useful to obtain a window sticker. If you are a potential buyer, you can confirm that the vehicle has the features you are looking for and if you are a seller, it would be an easy way to obtain detailed information about the vehicle that you can list, advertise, or forward to potential buyer.

To get the window sticker all you need is the VIN number, which is easy to find. It is on the vehicle dashboard and/or doorjamb, on the DMV registration papers, on the title, and on your insurance card.

VIN decoder
How to decode your VIN number. Find out what your VIN means here.

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