What does Latte Mean?

Do you know what Latte mean?

You go to your local coffee shop every morning and order a Latte, but do you know what Latte means or do you wonder every time you order one: What does Latte mean?

Latte comes from Italian and means milk. If you actually go into a coffee shop in Rome and order Latte, they will serve you a glass of milk.

Caffe Latte means Coffee Milk, or if you put them together with an l, you get Caffellatte, which means Coffee and Milk.

Here in the U.S. we shorten Caffellatte to just Latte, which means Coffee and Milk. Make that chocolate milk and you have yourself a Mocha Latte.

You could go into a coffee shop and make an order by saying that you would like: "a very hot strong coffee with steamed foamed milk on top" or you can simply say "Latte, please."

So now you will never again ask, "What does Latte Mean?"

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