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Why is Easter called Easter?
Find out why Easter is called Easter!

As I grew up, it was customary for my grandfather and grandmother to spend Easter with us. One thing I always remember, is the question my German immigrant grandfather always asked during those visits.

Why is Easter called Easter?

"Why is Easter called Easter?" he asked in a strong German accent. He answered his own question and this was his answer as to why Easter is called Easter:

Many, many years ago in Germany - my old country - people believed in the Teutonic Goddess of Spring. The name of this goddess was Eastre and she had the symbol of a bunny and they celebrated Eastre with bunnies and eggs.

During the same time, religion was making a stronghold throughout Europe where they commemorated Jesus' death and resurrection every spring.

Eventually, the Festival of Eastre and the Christian observance of the Resurrection of Christ were merged, and we got EASTER.

Historians and religious leaders may have conflicting and different ideas of why it is called Easter, but this was my dear German grandfather's answer to "why is Easter called Easter?"

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