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Hoverman Alternate UHF-17 DTV Antenna

This eBook contains plans for making a compact DTV antenna reminiscent of the Hoverman design featuring UHF and High-Band VHF reception of High-Definition Digital Television. Inventor Doyt R. Hoverman (1913-1989) patented the Hoverman television antenna in 1964. His work on the unique configuration began in the 1950's without the benefit of the simulation software that exists today, succeeding through trial and error. The Hoverman design was rediscovered in 2008 and subsequently has been improved using antenna modeling, and has yielded several variations that remain true to Doyt Hoverman's original inspiration. The Hoverman antenna enjoys renewed popularity with the advent of free broadcast HDTV.

The Hoverman Alternate UHF-17 is the 17th in a series of antenna simulations where the present design emerged with outstanding gain, flatness, and broadband SWR. The design I've created integrates complementary elements into a portable, compact form that eliminates the maintenance and installation hazards of rooftop antennas. The optional VHF High-Band element uses coupled-resonator technology that allows impedance matching and nearly lossless coupling without a physical connection. I've included a plot from a Numerical Electromagnetics Code simulation to validate the resonance of the floating antenna element.

The configuration is inspired by the original Hoverman antenna but is consolidated for captivating symmetry and simplicity. The form factor of the UHF-17 DTV Antenna lends itself to array configurations with extremely high gain. Construction time is around two hours.

UHF Gain Pattern
The Numerical Electromagnetics Code model predicts UHF gain of 15.7 dBi, and VHF gain of 10.5 dBi with excellent bandwidth and flatness. The VHF gain is increased by adding a reflector using wire mesh or aluminum foil. An antenna array can be formed by placing two of these antennas side by side that will yield a gain of 19 dBi for UHF and 16 dBi for VHF. The 12" x 20" dimensions of the finished project are versatile, suited to indoor placement where space is limited.


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