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Build a Super antenna and get free digital TV

Watch free digital TV!

With the purchase of this book, you’ll be able to construct a compact 2-bay Digital TV antenna with the high gain of a 4-bay configuration. This antenna has exceptional impedance matching resulting in low Standing Wave Ratio across the Ultra High Frequency band. It’s specially designed to extract energy from the fragmented Radio-Frequency “hotspots” encountered in complex landscapes. People living in apartments, dormitories, near high-rise buildings, and in outlying areas will benefit from this innovation.

This antenna design is based on a dual folded-dipole configuration that was discovered a century ago. The design employs principles of the Yagi-Uda antenna, and also incorporates unique beam-forming enhancements that have been tuned to perfection using a Numerical Electromagnetics Code simulation. Unlike the Yagi antenna however, this design is not a narrow band solution.

Construction of the antenna can be done in stages. For basic DTV reception, a simple version of the antenna can be constructed that has 9 dBi of gain. By adding a reflector, the gain is 12 dBi. Adding the director elements raises the gain to over 15 dBi. Peak gain can be as high as 16.5 dBi. Practical gain is further increased by the way the antenna elements are distributed over the aperture of the antenna. Field testing has confirmed its exceptional gain, directionality, and low-noise characteristics. This antenna design is tuned to receive UHF frequencies from 450 to 700 MHz and it also exhibits 8.3 dBi of gain on high-band VHF around 200 MHz.

The DTV antenna described herein is designed for ultimate performance without the compromise of commercial considerations. It achieves an aesthetic beauty based in part on its outstanding electromagnetic properties, representing a fusion of art and science.

Build Your Own DTV Super-Antenna


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