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Information about Olga

Hello. My name is Olga. I am from Russia. My English is not great, but I will try to do my best. I come from a family of twelve children, me being one of the twelve. And all twelve of us happen to be born in different months, and we all have different Zodiac Signs. For this reason (and for other reasons) I have dedicated my life to Astrology.

Each Zodiac Sign has its own characteristics of the person with that sign. For instance, since I am Cancer, I am emotional. That is very true. I am very emotional sometimes. My sister Alla, who is Virgo, is very reliable. My mother is a loyal Aquarius and my father is an emotional Cancer, like me.

My parents that I love very much, had to feed twelve children and there was very little money left for other things. Therefore, I do not have any formal higher education, but I have studied Astrology in libraries and I like people and I have studied them my whole life. Some of my views on signs may not be the same as "Astrology scholars" out there, but my views are based on studying people and being around people. I hope you will enjoy my Astrology insight.

My sign is Cancer. Below is a list of each Zodiac Sign, and which of my siblings is born in what sign.

Aries: Catalina
Cancer: Olga
Virgo: Alla
Scorpio: Amalia
Aquarius: Polina
Taurus: Roman
Sagittarius: Larisa
Pisces: Boris
Gemini: Anton
Leo: Anatoly
Libra: Danilo
Capricorn: Raisa


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