How much do I weigh on the moon?

The easiest way to loose weight may be to move to the moon. Because of less gravity on the moon, you way less. We have come up with this complicated formula that takes into account size and gravity of both earth and the moon. So if you give us your earth weight, we can calculate your moon weight.

How Much Do You Weigh On Earth?

Your Weight On The Moon Is:

Why do you weigh less on the moon you may ask? All physical object attracts each other which is called gravity. The larger the object the larger the attraction, thus the larger the gravity.

Furthermore, the larger the gravity, the more you will weigh.

The moon is a lot smaller than the moon, thus less attraction, thus less gravity, and thus you weigh less on the moon.

PS. It is not really a complicated formula. Your moon weight is about 17 percent of your earth weight.

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