Adopt a Cat!!
Our family adopted our brilliant kitty Nosey.

Our family adopted our brilliant kitty Nosey. Colorful gray/white/brown fur, and flashing, giant blue eyes. A smile that brightens my day. Sits with you, and listens to you chat away, my kitty is beautiful, thrilling, and a graceful creature I am most definitely proud of.

My cat comes from Petco.. They are other places too, but I got Nosey from here. I strongly suggest if you have the time, adopt one of these helpless cats, wanting a home with frankly anyone. (Who cares)

People bring in cats from all over, hurt, abandoned, no one to care for them. Petco takes them in, and … puts them in cages. The helpless cats may have diseases, and sicknesses. They are helpless, and long for a home. Some may not even have sicknesses, but they are just as helpless. All they can do is eat, sleep, and stare. Whenever someone comes, they hope with all their heart, that someone will adopt them.

We made our cat Nosey happy, in a comforting place that warms her heart. If you have the time to adopt a cat, please do, and take the time to warm some kitty’s heart. Thank you.

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