Another version of Sarah and Kate Kliseís Little Rabbit Stories

Little Rabbit is ice-skating. He is in a dreamy wonderland, and he is closing his eyes, enjoying gliding across the frozen pond. He doesnít see the crack beginning to form across the frozen pond.

Down he falls, screaming with terror. Instantly, he is paddling in freezing cold water, trying to swim up, because the heavy ice skates are pulling him down! The problem is, he is in such a tight space; itís hard for him to move too much. He tries to pull himself up, but the ice cracks more, and little rabbit goes under again!

He finds out that breaking the ice is actually a good idea, so he has room to swim. Luckily he is able to keep cracking until he reaches shore. Colder than a freezing human standing outside while its snowing with a tank top and shorts on, he slumps inside. His mother gives him some hot chocolate, and Little Rabbit changes clothes.

Little rabbit learned his lesson, to look where heís going on ice.

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