Ford Raptor vs. Mopar Ram Runner Kit
Compare Ford Raptor and RAM 1500 with Mopar Ram Runner Kit

So you want to be a Baja off-road racer or maybe you just want a cool and comfortable ride around town? In either case, you have narrowed your options down to two trucks. Should you get the Ford F-150 Raptor SVT or the Ram 1500 with the Mopar Ram Runner Kit?

From the pictures below of the Ford Raptor and the Mopar Ram it looks like both are capable of both high-speed off-roading as well as driving comfortably around the suburbs. So which one should you choose?

Ford Raptor

Mopar Ram
The 'basic' Ford Raptor comes fully equipped with all the off-road features in addition to a 6.2L engine and luxury items such as leather seats, power everything, bluetooth and cruise control. The MSRP for this not-so-basic Ford Raptor is $42,500.

Yes, you can get a RAM 1500 for $20,000, but if you want the HEMI engine, leather seats and the other options that come standard on the Ford Raptor, then the MSRP will be about $35,000. On top of that, you need to add the RAM runner kit at $19,500 making your total cost $54,500. If you want top of the line, you will see that the difference in cost between the Ford Raptor and Ram with Mopar kit is even higher.

You may find that negotiating a good price on a new RAM 1500 is a lot easier than getting a good price on a Ford Raptor. There are a lot more deals and inventory for Ram 1500s than there are for Ford Raptors. But even if you're a great negotiator, you'll still end up paying more for the Ram Mopar than a Ford Raptor, because we doubt the Ford dealer will chip in 35 inch tires and wheels that compare to the Ford Raptor's. So, if you have a Mopar Ram and a Ford Raptor with similar features and options, the Mopar Ram will cost you a lot more.

Mopar Ram Jumping

Ford Raptor Jumping

You can read all the Ford Raptor features and the Mopar Ram features and you will come to the conclusion that Mopar basically copied the Ford Raptor. They even put on the same brand of Fox Shocks for crying out loud. Why didn't they just paint it molten orange too?

Looking at the two trucks side-by-side, we think the Ford Raptor looks better. Although the Ram looks nice enough, it still looks like an after-market built-up truck, whereas the Ford Raptor just looks more professional and solid.

Other things you may consider before making your choice: The Ford F-150 is the best selling truck in America and has much better resale value. You will also find that most after-market additions do little to increase a truck's value. So your $20,000 investment in the Mopar kit addition may be worth zilch in the future.

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