Ford F-150 Raptor: Supercrew vs. Supercab
What is the difference between a Ford Raptor Supercrew and Ford Raptor Supercab? Decide what is best for you.



It cost $2765.00 less than a supercrew.

Shorter turning circle curb-to-curb

A foot shorter will make it fit better in your garage.

Shorter wheelbase makes it better for offroading.

Easier to park because it is shorter

It looks way cooler.


Less room for passengers in the back.

2000 pound less towing capacity.

Smaller fueltank.

Less convenient with smaller doors in the back.



10 gallon larger fueltank.

More legroom second row. Great for passengers.

Can tow 2000 pounds more than the supercab.

Convenient with full doors in the back.


The Supercrew costs $2765.00 more than the Supercab.

Longer turning circle curb-to-curb.

A foot longer may make it not fit in your garage.

Harder to park because it is longer.

Less offroad capable because of longer wheelbase.

Heavier may make it sluggish.

In conclusion, the Supercab is better offroad and looks cooler, while the Supercrew has more room inside and is more covenient. So are you getting a supercrew or supercab? Did we get all the pro's and con's? Do you know any other advantages or disadvantages with the Ford Raptor Supercrew or Supercab? If so, please email us

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