Is 30 divisible by 6?

The question we are solving here is: If we divide 30 by 6, will we get a whole number with no remainder? In other words, is 30 divisible by 6?

For 30 to be divisible by 6, both of the following two criteria must be met: First, 30 has to be an even number and second, the sum of its digits must be divisible by 3.

Looking at 30, you see that 30 is an even number, which means that the first criteria is met.

The sum of the digits in 30 is 3, which is divisible by 3. Therefore, the second criteria is met.

Thus, 30 is divisible by 6 and the answer to the question "Is 30 divisible by 6?" is


You may also be interested to know that if you divide 30 by 6, you get 5.

Divisible by 6?
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