What is 36 to the power of 2?

Here we will show you the answer to 36 to the power of 2 (thirty-six to the power of two) and explain how we got the answer.

To find the answer, you multiply 36 by itself 2 times as follows:

36 × 36 =

And when we solve the problem above, we get the answer as follows:


Note that 36 to the power of 2 is the same as 36 raised to 2. In xy, 36 is the base (x) and 2 is the exponent (y). Therefore, you can also write the problem and the answer as follows:


You will also get the answer of 36 to the power of 2 (36 to the 2nd power) if you type 36 then xy then 2 and then = on your scientific calculator.

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