Do I have a good salary?

A good salary means different things to different people. Someone living in Manhattan with five kids in private school may have a different view of a good salary compared to a single person living in a rural area in Utah who only needs money for skiing.

Furthermore, a good salary may depend on age, educational background, your expertise, where you are on the career ladder, and so on.

When we set out to determine if you have a good salary, we looked at all the W2s submitted to the IRS last year, and then looked at what percentile all the different salaries fit into. Then, we graded all the possible salaries based on that percentile.

To find out if you have a good salary, simply choose your yearly salary below and press "Good Salary?"


Note: Our Salary Lookup Tool above goes up to one million dollars. Less than 0.05 percent of the population makes a million or more. If you make more than a million, then yes, you have a good salary.
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