Your hear and see "billions" used daily to describe all kinds of things. It could be the number of people on earth, or how much money it takes to be on Forbes' Richest list, or the cost of the last war. There is even a TV series called Billions on Showtime!

The list goes on and on, but do you really grasp the meaning of the word billions, or is it simply a number to you?

Use this tool to understand billions! Here we will explain and put into context any number of billions you enter below.


Not sure what number of billions to search for? Try one of these popular searches:

How much is 3.8 billion?
The cost of the One World Trade Center.

How much is 7.4 billion?
This is the current total population in the world.

How much is 35.7 billion?
That was Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's net worth last time we checked with Forbes Magazine.

How much is 108 billion?
Total property damage from Hurricane Katrina.

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