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Random Bible Verse

There are 31,102 verses in the Bible and it may sometimes be hard to choose what to read. Do you need an idea of something to read in the Bible? Let us pick a random Bible verse for you!

To read a random verse, simply press the "Random Bible Verse" button below.

We here at Research Maniacs really appreciate all the positive feedback we have received about our Random Bible Verse page.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions about how to make it even better.

Here is one of our favorite comments: "I have read the Bible many times from front to back. I like the idea of going to a random verse. It refreshes my mind about things in the Bible that I have not thought about for a while. it really random, or is God guiding me to what I should read?" Terry - Batesville, MS

Where in The Bible?
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Comment from Visitor:
I look up random pages in the Bible all the time. It is kind of easy: you just flip and point! Just kidding, when I am away from my Bible I find this Random Bible Verse very useful. Nice Job Research Maniacs!
Barbara - Coos Bay, Oregon

Comment from Visitor:
This is a fabulous tool. Sometimes when I need ideas for my next sermon I get my tablet out and get a Random Bible Verse from this page. I especially like that I can choose either the old, the new, or both Testaments.
Pastor Tom - Newark, New Jersey

Comment from Visitor:
Other Random Bible Verse sites I have seen only give you a stand alone random verse. I like that with yours I can also see previous and next verses to get more information about the verse if I so choose.
Jeannie - Pocatello, Idaho


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