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What is a webpage URL?

A webpage URL is the address you see on top of your Internet browser that identifies the unique location of the Internet page your are looking at. Since it is unique, you can save it in your favorites on your computer and easily get back to it, you can copy/paste it into email and send to it to friends, or you can share the webpage URL on sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

URL is an acronym for Uniform Resource Locator and it is a standardized way of identifying specific locations on the Internet for access.

There are three main parts to a URL: The protocol, the domain, and the file information. For example, on the webpage you are currently reading, the URL is:

The first part: http:// is the protocol and indicates what kind of data you are accessing. Other examples of protocols would be https:// that you would see on secure sites such as your bank's webpage, or ftp:// that usually refers to where you can download files or programs.

The second part: is the domain and indicates where and on what server on the internet the information you are accessing is located.

The third part: What-is-a-webpage-URL.html describes what file name you are looking at on the specific server found above.

Other examples of URLs would be:

Congratulations. You are now an expert on what a webpage URL is and what a webpage URL means. Pat yourself on your URL Ph.D. back.


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