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What does Cc mean in email?

As you are writing an email to your mother, you realize that your father may also enjoy this email. No problem, you simply 'cc' the email to your father, which means he will also receive a copy of your email. But, do you know what cc means in email?

Cc in email means Carbon Copy which comes from the days before computers and when typewriters where the main machine in the office work landscape. You fed the typewriter multiple sheets of paper with a carbon sheet in between the papers - that way you typed it once and got many carbon copies. Thus the name carbon copy and now cc.

Have you noticed often times when you get an email from someone who likes to forward every 'funny or interesting' message to everyone in their address book, that you can see a list of all that received it? That is because the sender put all of those addresses in the Cc field.

Use Cc only if you want all recipients of your email to see who else you sent it to. Otherwise, use Bcc: which means Blind Carbon Copy. By putting all the recipients in Bcc, they will not see who else got the email, you won't send private email addresses to anyone, and the email looks a lot cleaner.

So now you know the answer to "what does cc mean in email" and so much more.


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