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Why Eat Less Meat?

You don't have to be a hippie or tree hugger to see the benefit of eating less meat. We have made a list here of why you should eat less meat.

You should eat less meat to save money. Meat is expensive. We found over and over that dinner recipes made with vegetables, grains, and beans is a lot more affordable than making a meal around a piece of meat.

You should eat less meat to lose weight. Have you seen the amount of calories in a hamburger or a steak? Compare that to a salad with low-calorie dressing and it will become apparent that you will lose weight if you eat less meat.

You should eat less meat to live longer. Red meat clogs up your arteries. A no-meat diet makes you leaner and healthier. It keeps you looking and feeling younger longer, and you have a lower chance of getting diseases caused by being fat or being unhealthy.

You should eat less meat to be humane. Is it really right that we raise a cow to adulthood, and then at its prime age, we slaughter it just so we can grind it up, mix it with pink slime and put it between two buns to make an unhealthy, greasy meal?

You should eat less meat to reduce global warming. The land and other resources needed to fill our need for slabs of meat is one of the major reasons for global warming according to some studies.

PS. If you are worried about protein, don't forget that there is plenty of protein in whole grains, rice, beans, nuts and other products.

You don't have to kill a pig or be a pig to get your daily need of protein.


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