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Why is organic food more expensive?

When you go to the grocery store, have you noticed that organic food is more expensive that non-organic food? Why is organic food more expensive you may ask? Hey, they use fewer pesticides and less preservatives, shouldn't that make organic food less expensive?

There are a few reasons we found for why organic food is more expensive.

First, supply and demand. Many farmers and producers are not yet set up to make organic food and the supply is limited. At the same time, the interest and demand for organic food is increasing. So if you brush up on your Economy 101, you will remember that if demand increases faster than supply, the price will go up, and that is what is happening with organic food.

Second, transportation cost may be higher for certain organic food that does not have preservatives. They may require more care, more controlled temperature, and more controlled storage area. This increases the overall cost of the end product.

Third, because organic food has fewer preservatives, its life on the grocery store shelves is shorter. What the grocery stores can't sell quickly is simply recycled and therefore adds to the overall cost of offering organic food.

So, now you know why organic food is more expensive. But we think it is worth the extra money to get fresh tasting, chemical-free fruits and vegetables.


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