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At some point during Elementary School or Middle School, you will be asked by your teacher to memorize all the States in America and their corresponding capitals.

To memorize states and capitals back in the day, people used flash cards, where they wrote the state on one side of the card and the capital on the other side of the card. They did this for all 50 states and ended up with 50 cards.

The purpose of the State Capitals App is to replace those old flash cards with an easy to use digital way of memorizing all 50 states and capitals.

Use this app to memorize all the 50 states and capitals in a fast and efficient way.

The goal of this app is for you to be able to say the state if someone gives you the capital, and say the capital if someone gives you the state. Thus, there are two parts to the app:

This is where the app gives you the state and you say the capital, and then click on the state to check your answer.

This is where the app gives you the capital and you say the state, and then click on the state to check your answer.

Go through both the capitals and the states lists until you can name them all. Good luck on your next test at school!

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