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App Recommendations

Enjoy these educational and entertaining Apps

This App will first calculate your BMI, and then explain and suggest what your BMI should be. Use this App to keep track of your BMI. (iPhone IOS App - also works with iPad)

Birthday App
How many days until my birthday? For whatever reason you have to ask the question, this popular app has the answer! This app will calculate how many days until your next birthday. (iPad and iPhone IOS App)

Christmas App
Here is your chance to get the same app that Santa and his elves use to keep track of days until Christmas. (iPad and iPhone IOS App)

Due Date App
You probably don't have the to time calculate exactly how many days until your baby due date. No worries, this app will do it for you! (iPad and iPhone IOS App)

How many days until? App
Wouldn't it be cool to know exactly how many days until this special day in the future? This app can calculate the number of days from today until any day in the future. (iPad and iPhone IOS App)

How to boil eggs App
The app will set the egg timer according to your input to get your eggs exactly the way you want them. Enjoy perfect boiled eggs every time with this app! (iPad and iPhone IOS App)

Kids Trivia App
The Kids Trivia app asks a lot of different questions about things in many categories. Find out what you know, learn something new, and have fun with the Kids Trivia app! (iPad IOS App)

King Nim App
The King Nim Game is a number strategy game for all ages. King Nim and the player take turns counting one or two numbers. Whoever gets to pick 21 in the end is the winner. The game encourages thinking, strategy, and reasoning. (iPad IOS App)

Least Common Denominator App
The Least Common Denominator App calculates the least common denominator for any two or three numbers you submit. (iPad/iPhone IOS App)

Lottery Numbers App
Generate random lottery numbers and/or get easy access to lottery results for many of the multi-state lottery games. (iPad/iPhone IOS App)

Mix and Match Two App
This App will mix up sketches of famous and not so famous people. There are two sketches of each person. It is your job to match the same sketches together. (iPad IOS App)

Mortgage Calculator App
Are you planning to buy a new home or refinance your current home? If so, this App can calculate your exact monthly mortgage payment down to the cent. (iPad and iPhone IOS App)

Pacific City App
This is the official app for the Pacific City Visitor's Guide. Pacific City is a popular tourist destination on the Oregon Coast.
(iPad and iPhone IOS App)

Oregon Coast Lighthouses App
Use this interactive app to learn where the nine Oregon Coast Lighthouses are located on a map and click on any annotation on the map to learn more about that particular lighthouse. (iPad and iPhone IOS App)

Presidents App
The game is pretty easy to learn, but may take you a long time to finish.The goal is to get through all 44 Presidents correctly so you can get the congratulations from Obama.
(iPhone IOS App - also works with iPad)

Research Maniacs App
The Research Maniacs app is a collection of tools to supplement and add value and convenience to some of the 20,000+ pages on
(iPad and iPhone IOS App)

Roman Numerals App
Roman Numerals are a "number system" that uses a combination of letters to express a number. This App will convert Roman Numerals to Numeric numbers. It will also convert Numeric numbers to Roman Numerals. (iPad and iPhone IOS App)

Split Screen Browser App
Do you want to see two webpages at the same time on your iPad? This app will actually split your iPad screen in two and let you search and surf with two Internet browsers at the same time. (iPad IOS App)

Split Screen Browser Pro App
This Split Screen Browser Pro has the same features as our Split Screen Browser App, except that it does NOT have ads and it is optimized for the new IOS 7, giving it a more modern look with larger browser windows. (iPad IOS App)

State Capitals USA App
The purpose of the State Capitals App is to replace those old flash cards with an easy to use digital way of memorizing all 50 states and capitals. Use this app to memorize all the 50 states and capitals in a fast and efficient way. (iPhone IOS App - also works with iPad)

What Year App
How well do you know your history? The "What Year?" app asks what year different events happened throughout history. Test your knowledge! (iPad IOS App)

Winning Numbers Game App
The Winning Numbers Game will mix up eight numbers in random order. Can you put the numbers back in the correct order and win the game? (iPad IOS App)

World Flags App
The World Flags and Geography app shows you flags from different countries and it is your job to find the countries that the flags belong to on a world map. (iPad IOS App)


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