World Flags and Geography iPad App

World Flags and Geography - iPad App

The World Flags and Geography App is both a game and a learning tool.

The app shows you flags from different countries and it is your job to find the countries that the flags belong to on a world map.

It not only teaches you what the world flags look like, but also where the countries in the world are located.

It's a great app for geography teachers and their students. Have fun playing a game while learning flags and geography.

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Your goal is to match as many countries to flags as you can in a row. If you miss a flag, you start all over. This is how you play:

Choose "Next Flag" to see the flag and then find the corresponding country on the map.

Open the annotation on the country you think the flag belongs to and click +, then click "Confirm Country" when you are sure the country matches the flag.

How many correct answers can you get in a row?

PS. If you click on "Help" when the flag is displayed, it will tell you what country the flag belongs to, but you still have to find the flag on the map.

Good Luck.

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