How to boil eggs - iPhone iPad App

How to boil eggs - iPad & iPhone App

Use the 'How To Boil Eggs' app to boil perfect eggs every time! First, the app will tell you step by step how to make perfect eggs. Second, you input the size of your eggs and how you want your eggs cooked. Third, the app will set the egg timer according to your input to get your eggs exactly the way you want them.

Enjoy perfect boiled eggs every time with this app!

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When boiling eggs, not everyone agrees on what is runny, soft or hard. To us, runny eggs means barely firm white and very runny yell ow. Soft eggs means firm white and in between runny and hard yellow, just holding its shape. Hard eggs means firm white and firm yel low.

Our cooking times are based on "normal" altitudes. If you live in a high altitude area, you may want to add some cooking time as eggs cook slower in high altitudes.

The 'How To Boil Eggs' app will set timer as follows: Medium-Runny 3 minutes, Medium-Soft 5 minutes, Medium-Hard 10 minutes, Large-Runny 4 minutes, Large-Soft 6 minutes, Large-Hard 11 minutes, ExtraLarge-Runny 5 minutes, ExtraLarge-Soft 7 minutes, and ExtraLarge-Hard 12 minutes.

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