Presidents Game App

The Presidents Game App serves three main purposes.

First, it's good for your brain. The older you get, the more important it is to exercise your brain to keep it sharp. This app will help you remember 46 names in a row, in addition to making you dig out old knowledge from the past that you may not have thought about lately, like who was President after Kennedy?

Second, it's a good tool to help you memorize all the Presidents. If you are in school and need to know all your Presidents, then this app is for you!

Third, it's a fun app. It encourages you to concentrate and is very addictive. You know you want to get a 46/46 score.

The game is pretty easy to learn, but may take you a long time to finish. Press "New" to start a new game. We will start with a random President and then you have to select who it is. Next, we will display the President that succeeded him, and then who succeeded him, and so on.

After you make your selection, press "Next" for the next President.

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A blast from the past!
The app icon for the very first Presidents Game App is pictured below. We have done a lot of improvement to the app since the first version. Thank you to everyone that uses our Presidents Game App.

Tons of good information about United States Presidents.

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