Split Screen Browser Pro iPad App

Do you want to see two webpages at the same time on your iPad? Now you can! We are not talking about going back and forth from tab to tab! This app will actually split your iPad screen in two and let you search and surf with two Internet browsers at the same time.

The uses and conveniences of this app are apparent from the moment you download it! See two news pages at the same time during a big news day. Read reviews on one page and order something on another page. Compare prices, deals, facts, and information on two websites side by side. Have your work website going on one side and your entertainment website on the other side! The benefits are numerous.

Have fun and be more productive with this multitask Split Screen Internet Browser.

NOTE: This Split Screen Browser Pro has the same features as the Split Screen Browser App, except that it does NOT have ads and it is optimized for the new IOS, giving it a more modern look with larger browser windows.

If you like the Split Screen Browser app, then you are really going to like this Pro version.

Download Split Screen Browser Pro App

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