How do Cats purr?

How do Cats purr? Find out how cats purr below.

Today I was sitting in my living room, petting my cat. Suddenly my hand started to vibrate, and she made a noise. I immediately recognized this as purring. But a new thought struck me. How do cats purr? Cats can do many things that humans cannot. One of which is purring.

Thinking back to an old science class, I remembered that my teacher told me that cats have unique wiring, that journeys from a cat's brain, all the way down to the voice box! In that voice box, there are muscles, and the wiring vibrates the muscles (so that's why I felt vibration). The muscles act almost as a valve, for the catís air that swims past the voice box.

Each time a cat breathes in and a cat breathes out, the air passes through the valve muscles and it opens up, and then closes, creating a purring noise. This happens continuously. A cat purrs to show that it is happy, and is enjoying your pet. Now that I think about it, my science teacher also informed me that a cat also can purr if is scared or angry. I sure hope my cat is purring out of happiness, not because it's angry!

Why do cats purr?
Why do cats purr? Cats purr for many reasons.

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