Why do cats purr?

Why do cats purr? Cats purr for many reasons.

"Because they are happy" may be your first reply to the question "why do cats purr?" However, it is not that easy. True, cats purr when humans pet them or when they are nursing their kittens, or when they are napping. And one would assume that they purr at those times because the cats are happy or content.

However, cats also purr when they are stressed, like when being transported in a cage in a car, or being examined by a veterinarian or when they are in other unfamiliar situations. Although they purr, they are certainly not happy at those times.

Our veterinarian said that the scientists do not know exactly why cats purr, but they have a few theories.

Some say cats purr because it calms them down. It is a way of relaxing themselves, both when they are happy and when they may be stressed.

Others say that because cats spend many hours sleeping and resting to preserve energy, the purring is a way of stimulating muscles and bones to keep them healthy without using a lot of energy.

Cats may also use purring as a way of communicating. Like, telling you it enjoys you petting it, or telling its kittens that they are safe and can drink milk in peace, or telling the vet that it does NOT really want to be there.

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