How Long Do Cats Live?

How long will your cat live?

How long cats will live is a common question among cat owners. After communicating with cat owners and having owned several cats ourselves, we found that the average indoor cat lives about 12 to 13 years, although we have cats that have lived a lot longer, even up to 20 years old.

You obviously do not want your cat to go through all of its nine lives quickly, and there are many things that will prolong a cat's life.

Keep the cat indoors.
An outdoor cat will probably live less time, because of all the dangers out there in the world. It could be a traffic accident. It can be killed or wounded by other cats or animals such as coyotes. It can contract diseases from other cats. It can be picked up by animal control and the animal shelter they keep the animals in could be a disease-invested place. Not to mention the fact that shelter may euthanize your cat if it stays too long in the shelter. There may even be mean people out there that hurt cats on purpose.

Feed Nutritious food.
Like humans, cats need healthy and nutritious food. Like humans, a fat and malnourished cat will die a lot sooner than a healthy cat.

Pick a good cat.
Before committing to a cat, learn about its genetic background. Is it an inbred? Did the parents live long? Is it a feral cat? And so on. Some times, what kind of breed you choose can add life to your cat. Siamese cats live, on average, longer than the normal (non-purebred) cats, and Persian cats live even longer than Siamese cats.

Keep the cat happy.
Keeping your cat happy will certainly add years to its life. Regular meals, a nice and safe place to sleep, regular play time with exercise, lots of love, great food and a clean litter box are a must to ensure a long life for a cat.

So how long a cat lives depends a lot on its owner. You can influence how long a cat lives.

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