How long do cats sleep?

How long do cats sleep and why do they sleep so long?

Cats certainly sleep a lot. Cats sleep 16 or more hours per day. Cats sleep a lot to preserve energy. You may be thinking: All cats do is sleep, eat, visit the litter box, and play occasionally. Why would cats need to preserve energy?

It is in their nature to preserve energy, because they are hunters. Hunting for prey requires a lot of energy and thus they instinctively save energy. Don't worry. They are not bored. They enjoy sleeping and a rested cat is a happy cat.

Comments from Research Maniacs' patrons about how long do cats sleep.

My cat fluffy actually sleeps 18 hours a day, but it is very light sleep. It's like she's resting more than actually sleeping.

Nolan - Omaha, Nebraska


To Nolan: Yeah, my cat Spencer also 'rests' and goes in and out of sleep all day long. Maybe that is why they call it catnaps?

Vicky - Vancouver BC, Canada


My cat just had a litter of kittens and those little babies sleep like 22 hours/day. I read somewhere that cat babies need to sleep for the growth hormones to work.

Isabella - New York, New York


If you have an outdoor cat like me, you can see why cats need to save energy. Muffin runs around all day long. If I exercised like that I would be sleeping 16 hours a day too! I would probably weigh 30 pounds less too!

Bertha - Miami, Florida

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