List of toll free numbers

Here is a list of all toll free prefix numbers! Toll free numbers are numbers with area codes that you can call at no charge.

Please note that with the ever changing phone and wireless industry, we recommend that you check with your phone carrier before assuming that any number you call is actually free of charge.

The list below shows the number prefixes that have been assigned as toll-free numbers. Although they have been assigned, we found that not all of them are in use yet.

1-800   1-822   1-833
1-844   1-855   1-866
1-877   1-880   1-881
1-882   1-883   1-884
1-885   1-886   1-887
1-888   1-889

We found that the most popular toll free prefixes start with 800 and 888.

Where is area code?
Go here to learn about area codes and to look up the geographical location of any area code.

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