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Where is area code 306?
Area code question: Where is area code 306?

Did someone call you with an area code 306 and you want to know where they are calling from? Is the number on your Caller ID showing area code 306 and you are wondering where that person or business is located?

The location of area code 306 is


In other words, individuals and businesses with a telephone number that has the area code 306 may be from Saskatchewan.

There are many instances where someone with area code 306 is not actually calling from Saskatchewan. They may have moved from Saskatchewan, but not bothered changing their cell phone number or they may have ported their number from Saskatchewan to another state.

Furthermore, there are ways for "businesses" and individuals to get a phone number with area code 306, even though they are not located in or calling from Saskatchewan.

Thus, the 306 area code belongs to Saskatchewan, but these days that does not necessarily mean that the caller is from Saskatchewan or located in Saskatchewan.

Where is area code?
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