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Welcome to our baby names page. We hope you will enjoy this information and find the best name for your child.

Since you are reading this page, we assume that you are expecting a baby. So, first things, first. Congratulations!

Choosing a name for your baby is one of your first big decisions regarding your child and it is a big responsibility. The name will stay with your child its entire life and many people believe your name defines your personality!

Here are some things to consider when deciding on a name for your child:

Popular Names
If you pick a popular name, there will probably be kids with the same name in every class growing up. Some people think this makes the child feel like part of a group, while others think it may steer the child away from finding his/her own personality.

Unique Names
Silly unique names that seem popular with movie stars may be fun and interesting today, but may grow old really fast. It's like putting a tattoo of Dora the Explorer on the child knowing that Dora will not be her favorite person 20 years from now.

Long Names
Many long names sounds sophisticated and pretty, but be aware that they are often shortened to a nickname. Look at possible nicknames for the name you are thinking about and make sure you also like the nickname.

Relative Names
You can name your child after a relative or friend, but you may need to consider how your choice will affect relationships. If you choose one relative or friend's name over another, consider how other relatives or friends might feel.

Unisex names
Unisex names can work for either a boy or a girl. Some people believe unisex names contribute to identity confusion.

Make sure the child's initials don't spell something undesirable.

Cute Names
Though a name may be cute when he or she is a baby, will the name be fitting when the child grows up? Will it fit a future President?

Many names can easily be turned into cruel nicknames. You may want to avoid those.

Difficult Spelling
Do you want your child to go through life having to constantly spell his or her name for people?

Name Meanings
You probably don't want to call a girl born in April, "May" or name a boy "Afia" if he's born on a Sunday, since "Afia" means born on a Friday. See our list of "what names mean".

Sibling Name
You may want to choose a name that rhymes with siblings, starts with the same letter, or just sounds good when said together.

How Does It Sound
Choose a name that sounds good to you. Say it with and without the middle name and make sure you like it with just first and last, because chances are your child won't use the middle name very often.

So start finding the perfect name.

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