Percent Off Calculator

Are you considering buying something that's on sale, but you can't figure out how much it will be? Is this product or service displayed as regular price with a percent discount? Do you need to know what the discount is and what the final price is? If so, this is the page for you.

Our Percent Off Calculator will calculate how much you save and how much you have to pay!

To get started, we need two things from you. We need the regular price of the product or service and the percent discount.

Percent Off Calculator
Go here to take a percent discount off another amount.


Percent Off:

Here are some examples of what our calculator can calculate:

What is 10 percent off 40 dollars?

What is 20 percent off 40 dollars?

What is 20 percent off 60 dollars?

What is 20 percent off 45 dollars?

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