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Ratio Calculator

Welcome to Research Maniacs' Ratio Calculator. If you are making a model to a certain scale, cropping a picture, doing math home work, or anything else using ratios, then this Ratio Calculator will help you!

We think you will find that this calculator is useful and flexible in making one ratio into a different ratio with the same proportions.




All Ratio Calculator answers are rounded to nearest 2 decimals.

What is a ratio and what is the Ratio Calculator used for?
A ratio is one quantity in relation to another quantity. The ratio calculator on this page allows you to change the quantity of a ratio, but keep the proportions the same.

How does the Ratio Calculator work?
The ratio A/B remains equal to the ratio C/D regardless of what you change.

In other words, the proportions are the same and A divided by B will always be the same as C divided by D.

To make the ratio calculator as useful as possible, here is what changes when you change the numbers:

If you change A or B, the calculator will change C or D accordingly.

If you change C, it will change D and if you change D it will change C.


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