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Simplify 5/10 to the Simplest Form

Here we will show you step-by-step how to simplify 5/10 to the simplest form.

The key to solving this problem is to find the greatest common divisor of 5 and 10.

To find the greatest common divisor of 5 and 10, we list all of the factors of both numbers so we can compare the lists.

When we compared the factors of 5 (1, 5) and 10 (1, 2, 5, 10) we found that 5 is the largest factor that they have in common.

Since 5 is the largest common factor of 5 and 10, 5 is also the greatest common divisor of 5 and 10.

Now, we divide both the numerator and denominator in 5/10 by the greatest common divisor as follows:

Numerator: 5/5 = 1
Denominator: 10/5 = 2

Then, we put the numerator and denominator that we are left with back together to get our answer. 5/10 to the simplest form is:


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