Chess Piece Value

How much is each chess piece worth?

Ultimately, it does not matter how many pieces you have left at the end of the game and the value of each piece. You could lose, even if the value of your pieces is more than your opponent. However, it is good to know the value along the way in case you are considering a trade. Would you give up a Rook for a Bishop for example? Below is the value of each piece.

King - The King chess piece is priceless since the game is over if you lose it! It is obviously the most valuable chess piece.

Queen - The chess value of the Queen is 9 points. The Queen is the second most valuable chess piece.

Rook - The chess value of the Rook is 5 points. The Rook is the third most valuable chess piece.

Bishop - The chess value of the Bishop is 3.1 points. The Bishop is the fourth most valuable chess piece. It is slightly more valuable than the Knight.

Knight - The chess value of the Knight is 2.9 points. The Knight is the fifth most valuable chess piece. It is slightly less valuable than the Bishop.

Pawn - The chess value of the Pawn is 1 point. The Pawn is the least valuable chess piece..

The value of the pieces can also change during the game. For example, if a pawn is about to get a promotion, it is certainly worth more than one point. Also, a piece that is open, moved, and in attack position is more valuable than an enclosed piece in its original position.

NOTE: The above is how Research Maniacs value chess pieces. Different kinds of chess players, using different strategies may view the value of each piece differently. It may even change from game to game, depending on the opponent. Nevertheless, the above value is a good overall picture of how many chess players view the value of the chess pieces.

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