A song by Chrissy.

You’re not in my heart! Don’t be afraid… toooo love…someone else.

Go away, you give me agony, agony, agony, kills me to stare at your face, agony, agony, don’t like the way… you hated me, agony, trying to make up for watcha did. Agony, agony. Please, drop out of me!… Agony, oh agony.

I’m not your type! Find a wealthy girl on top of me! Agony, oh agony. I’m so poor! Not your type. I’m so afraid you’ll hate me if I give you… another yes, agony, oh agony. I don’t like you now, yes agony, oh agony. For what you did! I gave you a chance, and you bragged your whole way through it. Agony, oh agony.

If I gave you another chance, would you suck it up! Or would you use it wisely? If I gave you another chance, would you help me become rich, please… oh agony, yes agony, oh agony, not anymore!!!!!

Please! If I gave you a chance, would you give me more agony, yes agony, oh agony, please agony… YEAH! If you did this for me, I live in a tree. No more agony, oh agony, yes agony, please….

Could you help me live my life! Easily. Would it be possible, maybe to give me less agony, oh agony, yes agony, please agony, if I gave you my heart, would you give me yours back. Is it possible, do you have the heart, to help a poor girl, live e my boy please, no agony, don’t give me a hard time… livin’ life.

Now maybe you think that I’ll give you my heart, no excuses. You really, real wrong, give me yours… first. Oh please! Give me your… heart. No its not over yet, you helped me in life, to get me through tough times, I’m begging you please, let me! Have your heart…

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