Road trip to the American Girl Store
This is the story of a extraordinary time when I visited the American Girl store in California.

“What if they don’t have the American Girl I want?” I wondered as our green-gray minivan rolled over the speed bumps approaching the store. We were finally there! I looked up and saw a sign as big as a billboard. It read the name of my favorite place in the whole world. I stepped inside and…wow! It looked better than the picture in my mind! Music was blasting loudly, but I could still hear the cash register ding as it opened and closed.

If you haven’t guessed yet, we were inside of the American Girl Store. I was leaping high in the air as I pulled on my mom’s sleeve, dragging her up the escalator. “Lets check up here,” I practically screamed. Every one turned to stare at me, I think. A nasty smell filled the air…like someone hadn’t brushed his or he teeth. We arrived at the top of the black-stepped escalator and awesome!!! Every American Girl had their own room, their own bed, and their own dresser full of bright and colorful clothes. They also had pajamas and accessories. I felt like a mouse compared to all the adults. I swam through their legs to get to my American girl, Samantha’s room. It was pretty, but then I spotted a red-haired doll. I ran over and…oh, my gosh!

As soon as I got to Emily’s room, the one I wanted, I was so relived. There were about thirty of them. Emily. “Mom, I need her,” I begged. My mom looked at my sad puppy face. I took one off the shelf and looked into her deep blue eyes. I glanced back at my mom. “Alright, how about this. We go look and buy some other things and if it isn’t that much, we will get Emily.” I dropped Emily in the cart and hugged my mom. I knew when we arrived home, that I’d have Emily in my lap.

Meanwhile, my grandma asked me if I had the surfing set. I said no, and I really wanted it. She tossed it in the cart. “Thanks Grandma!” I said, throwing my arms around her. I spun around with a smile on my face. I rushed back to Emily after we got Licorish the cat and a matching outfit for Emily and I. Emily was still lying in the cart with a smile just like mine. We went to the line, waiting for what seemed like forever. Finally, we were at the blue and white-checkered checkout counter. The middle-aged blonde lady opened Emily’s box with her long, pink fingernails. She was the most beautiful doll ever. I stroked her smooth hair and hugged her hard.

“Will you please put on her headband?” I asked the nice woman at the counter. “Indeed I will,” she said. She smiled at me. My sister and I ran out of the American Girl Store and down the steps. My dad was waiting for us, with a camera in an impeccable pose, ready for action. Emily smiled, at least it looked like she did, and we looked into each other’s eyes. My dad said, “Pose for a picture.” I held Emily high above my head, and smiled like it was the best day ever. It was!

When we got home, Emily and I were planning to wear our matching pink nightgowns that we bought at the American Girl Store. My dad said “It is time to go,” but I would never forget the excitement of seeing the American Girl Store for myself. I was sad to leave, but Emily would be with me and that’s all that mattered.

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