Learn To Basket Weave!
If you always wanted to learn to basket weave, (or are interested) now, here is the place.

You are in the 1800s

In school we had to do a probe on Colonial Trades of your choice. We had to research it, and do a project to show step by step how to do the trade, and explain a bunch of information about the trade. I chose basket maker and made a story.

If you are interested in learning to basket weave, I will guide you through the steps of making your very own basket.

First, you go to the forest and pick out a white oak tree. If you dont have the strength or are lazy, go to a craft store. Cut the wood into 10-inch diameter lengths, and cut that into 8ths. Keep splitting the wood, until you are unable to cut and it is a bit bendable. Soak the wood in COLD water for at least an hour.

Once you take it out, decide whether you want a round or square shaped basket.

If you chose square, listen up. Set out the strips in up and down, and across. Across should be on top of up and down. Then weave the across rows, through the up and down and continue. Then bend the strips in the shape of a basket, and weave some more. Tuck the weave in at the very end when you have decided how tall you want it.

If you chose round, listen up. Take the strips, and put them in a shape of a snowflake. You should have 4 strips total. Take another strip, and weave it around the middle, like the square. Keep going, and again, bend it up in the shape of a basket. Tuck the weave in at the end like the square.

For a handle, take a strip of white oak and tuck it in the sides. Wrap another 4 or 5 pieces around the strip, and tuck those in too. Wrap the oak around the edge of each side of the handle. Now you have your masterpiece.

Your tools needed:

White oak
Ax (If you go to woods)
Large Knife
Supply of saplings

My Bibliography for the information:

I hope you learned something new.

Be Happy

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