Dog and its owner
Nice story about a dog and its owner

Once there lived a cute dog, who lived at the pet shelter. She was there every single day. But one day a very good thing happened. A little girl, with long brown hair in a bun, asked the store manager Billy Bob Joe, if she could by the puppy. The dog was so relived of what she was hearing. She spun around in circles having so much fun she nearly forgot she was going home with a cute little girl. “Oh, yes, I would love to give her away. I feel sorry for that little fella. She’s been trapped in there forever”, Billy Bob Joe. “Oh I see, well I absolutely love to buy dogs that don’t have a home. See, I have like a ton more at my house”, the girl said. “ Oh by the way, my name is Lilly”, Lilly said. “ Nice to meet you Lilly.

My name is Billy Bob Joe. But you can call me Billy”, he said. “Great. Nice to meet you Billy”, Lilly said. I’ll get the dog out for you”, Billy said. “ Thanks”, said Lilly happily. Billy brought out the dog. “ Umm, can I ask you two things? Well one of them is, does she have a name? Lilly asked. “No. You can name her”, Billy said. And is it a girl or a boy?” Lilly asked him. “Girl,” replied Billy. “Thank you”, said Lilly. And she took the dog and left. Lilly was so happy to have a new dog for her other doggy friends to play with. Lilly had bought a leash for the puppy. And she was walking her new dog. On the way home, Lilly bumped into her best friend named Amelia. But everyone just called her Mia. Mia started laughing so hard. And Lilly didn’t know why she was laughing. And Mia kept on laughing. “You got another dog?” Mia asked Lilly. (Mia was very clumsy). “Ya”, Lilly said as the ball Mia was holding slipped out of her hands. Lilly looked curious at Mia. Mia smiled, but very, very embarrassed. “It’s ok Mia,” Lilly said. “Do you want to walk home with me and try to think of a name for my dog?” asked Lilly. Mia nodded her head slowly. The girls thought and thought for a name for a brown lab. Finally, Lilly suggested, “Chocolate?” Everyone chooses that name for a brown dog. “BROWNIE!” the girls decided. Lilly ran to the castle, where she lived, because Mia was a princess, and she was living with her friend now. She ran to tell Clarice (Mia’s grandmother) about the new dog. Clarice was very happy with Lilly since she loved puppies – or dogs.

Lilly was very proud. Clarice had warned Mia not to loose the ball that Mia lost. Clarice looked very stern at Mia. “We will talk later,” Clarice said. She looked at the clock. “Time for you two to head up to bed,” Clarice said. Lilly and Mia walked up to their bedroom to get their PJ’s on. Lilly and Mia went up to their royal bathroom that they shared, to brush their teeth. Then, they went to their bedroom that they shared. Lilly took out the bun in her hair, as Mia struggled to get in bed. So Lilly had to help her get in bed. Then Lilly hopped in her own bed. “Good night! Sleep tig” – Mia fell out of bed. “Ht”, She said. “Good night silly,” Lilly said. “Good night,” Mia managed to say for once.

Brownie the dog, slept at the end of Lilly’s bed. The other dogs slept on the ground howling. It really made it so Lilly and Mia could not sleep at all. In the morning, Brownie was playing with the other dogs, named Snowy, Chocolate, Ginger, Ally, Sniffy, Bobby, and Big Doggy. Lilly could see Brownie made friends. Mia wobbled out of bed and put her robe on. “ How is the dog?” asked Mia. “Great. She made friends with the other dogs,” replied Lilly. Mia slipped downstairs for breakfast. “Come Brownie, breakfast time,” Lilly ordered. And Brownie came. Lilly thought Brownie listened better than the others. Or maybe it was the food part. She was probably hungry. Everyone even the dogs came for breakfast. It was a happy ending, except Clarice wasn’t sure what to do about the ball!

The End

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