Sammy the Lion
A story by Chrissy.

Chapter 1.

Once in a kingdom called Lion Ville there lived a lion with a family that didn’t love him. His name was Sammy. He was very lonely. He had no friends. His mother was the queen and his father was the king. They only cared about being the boss. Sammy didn’t like that.

Finally he got his courage to run away from home to a new part of Lion Ville to find a family that loved him. Sammy went to his bedroom and packed then when his parents were not looking, he dashed into the forest. First, he found no lions at all. But then he found a castle and he knocked. When the door opened … it was his mother the queen! “ Sammy! Why did you knock?! I told you to stay out of my business!” The queen said. That’s when Sammy knew he’d gone in a circle! “ And why are you holding luggage?” asked the queen. “ Mom. It’s a long story.” “Well why don’t you start you little cat!” Yelled Sammy’s mother. So Sammy told her mother how mean she’d been to her, and how she ran away and ended up in a giant circle. “ How dare you do this?” She cried. “ I’ve been so mean because you’re mean to me,” The queen said. “ No I’m not!” Cried Sammy. “Why do you say that when all you do is lock me up in my room which is the smallest room in the entire castle?” Sammy asked. “Fine. Go back to your room now and don’t bother me” The queen said ignoring Sammy. Sammy angrily walked to her room. “Stupid how I went in a giant circle” Sammy said to herself. “I’ll have to try again tomorrow,” Sammy whispered. So she climbed into bed and snuggled his stuffed lion. In the morning when his parents were still asleep he grabbed his things and ran out of the house. Sammy first ran into a house made of jewelry. He took a necklace off and these penguins started dancing the hula. Sammy ran. The penguins followed. They started singing in Hawaiian and soon the penguins disappeared and dancing hula lions were leading Sammy to a tropical Hawaiian island!

Chapter 2.

This was the perfect home for Sammy. The hula dancers showed Sammy where he could put his things. His room walls were covered with Hawaiian skirt strings. His bed was a long skirt held up by play balls. The headboard was light brown wood. He put his things away in the green wood dresser and threw his stuffed lion that was pink named Sophie on the bed. He went out of the room and the Hawaiian dancers told him their names. Back at the castle the queen was so angry when she found that was out Sammy was missing.

She told the king and they turned out to be so mad they screamed and the whole world could here so they were not aloud to be king and queen anymore. “Ha, ha” Sammy said one morning when she was reading the paper. “ What?” asked one of the dancers named Hawaii. “I just read that my mean, ugly parents aren’t allowed to be king and queen anymore!” yelped Sammy. “Hurray! And congratulations!” Shouted Hawaii. They had quite a party celebrating while back at thee castle Sammy’s parents fell into a lake. They climbed out and searched for Sammy. Soon they came to the island Sammy was on. Hawaii yelled HIDE! And everyone hid. Hawaii stood in front of the queen and king. “What do you want people?” Hawaii asked. “I want my son!” Yelled the queen. Just then Sammy popped out of nowhere. “You want me????” Sammy asked. “There he is!” yelped the queen. “Mom, your so mean to me.” “ I am not!” So they started the whole Am not and are to thing. Finally the queen got tired out. Hide Sammy!” yelped Hawaii. Sammy didn’t know where to hide. Suddenly he felt a terrible scratch on his shoulder. And the last thing he knew was on the shiny beach feeling a scratch.

Chapter 3.

Sammy suddenly felt a soft nice shake. “ Are you alright?” Sammy heard a soft gentle voice say. “Ya, sort of. My shoulder hurts – a lot”, Sammy said. “That’s where your mother scratched you,” the voice said. Sammy blinked and saw that the voice was coming from Hawaii. Sammy was so little that Hawaii could hold him. He was the size of a fluffy little kitty cat. Hawaii petted his soft orange/yellow head. “Your parent’s were arrested, that’s some good news”, Hawaii said. “Yes”, muttered Sammy under his breath. “ Here, do you want me to go get some water for you?” Hawaii asked. “Sure,” muttered Sammy. Hawaii left for some water while Sammy sneezed and looked around. It was a hospital, a hospital Sammy had never been to before. Hawaii came back with a huge bottle of water. Sammy bent down and took a sip. It felt so good to have water again. “Where are you? Do you know?” Hawaii asked. “Hospital I think”, Sammy guessed. “You’re correct. But like what state?” “The tropical state,” answered Sammy. Hawaii laughed. “Yes. That’s correct. I have a cat. A pet cat”, Hawaii said. Just then, a fluffy white thing wobbled in. “Is that your cat?” Sammy wondered. “Yes.” Sammy’s vision came back to him. Now he saw it. Then a familiar smell came in the air.

Chapter 4.

“My mother! My mother!” squealed Sammy. Hawaii stood there not knowing what to do. She slammed the door and locked it. Sammy thanked her. “Do you know your name?” Asked Hawaii. “Sammy. I know because Sally helped my mother name me”. “Who’s Sally?” asked Hawaii. “Oh Sally is my little sister. She was left behind in the castle. When my parents were ‘not “King and Queen” they set off looking for me. Right? Sally was left because they didn’t want either of us. They just wanted me to be tortured. Sally is now living with the maids. Poor Sally!” Sammy exclaimed. He started to cry. “I do wish I could go and get her!” Sammy said. He rested his head in his arms and fell asleep. Hawaii snuck out of the room careful not to wake Sammy up. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” A loud screech woke Sammy up. He opened the door a crack and there were his parents! Attacking HAWAII! Now Sammy had to do something. And fast. Hawaii helped him, now it was hi turn to help Hawaii. Sammy put his paws together and prayed he wouldn’t get hurt. But before he knew it, the fluffy white cat leaped over Sammy and was clawing his parents! She was cackling too! “Bwwaaa haa haa haa haa!” she chanted. Sammy smiled but then noticed Hawaii was gone! Sammy breathed hard. Then screeched “HAWAII!”

Chapter 5.

The next day, Hawaii came back. “Sammy, you won’t believe what I brought you!” Hawaii panted. She looked tired from running. And beside Hawaii was Sally looking very confused. “Sammy?” “Oh Slamy!” screamed Sally. “That’s what little miss Sally calls me,” Sammy explained to Hawaii. Hawaii laughed. Sally ran up to Sammy and gave him a big hug. “Thank you! Oh thank you Hawaii!” Sammy said. “When I came back, your parents were not there”, Hawaii said. “Interesting. Did you see any clues?” Sammy asked. “No, but I did see something odd. You know your mother was wearing white gloves? I saw them lying on the floor. Come with me. I’ll show you”, Hawaii said. Sammy followed Hawaii into the hallway. Sammy was holding his shoulder, in pain. “Does it hurt?” Hawaii said, staring at Sammy’s shoulder. “Yes. It does hurt,” replied Sammy. The friends went to Sammy’s castle, and news flooded them that the king and queen were dead. Sammy inherited everything that the castle had in it, and the castle. Sammy decided to give the entire castle to charity, and live with his friends.

MORAL: Sometimes your friends are more important than being rich, even if where your friends live is not as well as a royal castle.

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