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EU Cookie Consent
How to get cookie consent in compliance with European Law.

The EU and many European countries require web publishers to inform and/or get consent from website visitors in order to use cookies on their computers, phones and other devices.

The easiest way to be in compliance may be to have a pop-up for first time visitors informing them that the site uses cookies, and that by using the website, the user consents to the use of cookies.

Here is a simple two-step process to accomplish this goal:

Step 1) Create a Privacy Policy
Make a Privacy Policy webpage with cookie information in your home directory. The file must be called PrivacyPolicy.html so the URL becomes

Step 2) Copy/Paste Code on your website
Choose the theme below and put the code in the header of website pages you want to request cookie consent.

Code for Aggressive black banner on top of the website:
<script src="//"></script>

Code for Non-intrusive white banner at the bottom of the webpage:
<script src="//"></script>

Note: If you click on "Got it!" you need to clear your cookies to see the pop-up again.

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