What is Kosher Salt

What is Kosher Salt? How is it different from regular salt?

Like regular salt, kosher salt is sodium chloride. Furthermore, kosher salt comes from the same mines as the other salts. (Most salt, except sea salt sold in America, comes from mines.) However, that is where the similarities end.

Kosher salt does not have any added preservatives or additives such as iodine. Kosher salt is also made with larger salt crystals so the flakes are larger with bigger surfaces.

Kosher salt is used to make meat kosher, according to Jewish food laws. Kosher salt works great at absorbing blood from meat, thus making the meat Kosher!

Kosher salt does not dissolve as well as regular salt, because it's is larger. It's great for soups and many other dishes, but you probably don't want to cook with kosher salt in food that doesn't have much liquid. If it does not have enough liquid, you may end up with little salt bits that feel like sand in your food. However, kosher salt works great if you make dishes that require a salty crust, like fish. At Research Maniacs' last holiday party, we used kosher salt on Margarita glass rims and it worked perfectly.

If you compare 10 grams of kosher salt versus 10 grams of regular salt, you will see that the kosher salt takes a lot more room. For that reason, if a recipe calls for 1 teaspoon of regular salt, you probably want to double the amount if you use kosher salt.

Baked goods will turn out better if you use regular salt.

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