Ford Factory order at $1000 over invoice!

Order your Ford directly from the Ford Factory and get your new Ford exactly the way you want it!    USA Delivery ONLY

Sorry, Ford Factory order at $1000 over invoice is no longer available here. If you know someone that can offer it at $1000 or less, please let us now.

Ammie Jose is the Internet Sales Manager at Courtesy Ford in Portland, Oregon. She will be happy to take your Ford order at a great price.

Contact Ammie today and tell her Research Maniacs recommended you. She will provide great service at a great price.


Follow Ford Raptor on Facebook   Follow what is happening with Ford Raptor through Twitter   Follow what is happening with Ford Raptor through Google Plus contacted the majority of all Ford dealers in the Northwest.We asked them two questions: Can we order a Ford Raptor from the Ford Factory through you, and if so how much? Many replied that we could not order a Ford Raptor, but they had some great deals on other F-150s in stock. Others wanted some ridiculous amount, like $5,000 over MSRP. Still more wanted us to come in to 'talk' about it and go over the numbers.

However, there was one person, from one dealership, that stood out from the crowd. She answered our questions promptly and quoted us a great price for a Ford Raptor directly from the Ford Rouge Plant in Dearborn, Michigan. That person was Ammie at Courtesy Ford.

She will order your Ford Raptor with priority 10, which means your order will be delivered before any other stock order the dealerships have placed. She will promptly provide the Vehicle Order Confirmation and provide the VIN number as soon as it's available (usually after one month), so you can track your Ford window sticker online. And of course, she will inform you of the delivery date as soon as it's available. You will be updated through the whole process. Awesome service!

We got our Ford for $1,000.00 over invoice. Call or email Ammie to see if she can give you the same great deal!

Ford Raptor
The best off-road truck ever made is developed by Ford's Special Vehicle Team.

Ford Mustang
Ford Mustang - an American Evolution. Fancy yourself owning this latest and greatest iteration of an American icon.

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