2012 Ford Raptor
The 2012 Ford Raptor facts are now available.

They will start building the Ford Raptor 2012 at the Ford Rouge Plant on October 24, 2011 and you can order your Ford Raptor today!

So, what is new with the Ford Raptor 2012 compared to the Ford Raptor 2011?

Exterior Colors
Ford is keeping Blue, Black, Silver and White exterior colors for the Ford Raptor 2012, but they are replacing the Molten Orange with Race Red.

Interior Colors
The Molten Orange accent interior is replaced by Blue accent. They will of course also keep the Black interior option.

Raptor Plus Package
This package is now only available if you DO NOT order the Raptor Luxury Package.

Raptor Luxury Package
The 2012 Raptor Luxury Package now includes rear view camera and integrated trailer brake controller, so you no longer need to order the Raptor Plus Package if you get the Luxury Package.

Universal Garage Door
The 2012 Luxury Package now includes universal garage door opener.

Cooled Seats
The 2012 Luxury Package now includes cooled front seats.

Front Camera
If you order the 2012 Luxury Package and the navigation system, you can now add front camera for $525.

Compare 2011 and 2012 MSRP price below:

Ford Raptor
Destination Charge
Crew Cab Upgrade
Raptor Luxury Package
Raptor Plus Package
Moon Roof
Navigation System

Most people ordered the Raptor Luxury Package and the Plus Package last year. This is not necessary anymore for 2012, so the total increase is really only $2,190 + $595 vs. $2,970 if you want all these features.

A fully loaded Ford Raptor 2012 with all the options above will cost you $52,900.00 vs. $51,565.00 last year.

You will soon see Ford Raptor 2012 marked up $10,000-$15,000 above MSRP on Ford lots around the country.

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