How many Amendments?

How many Amendments to the United States Constitution?

First of all, we assume you are asking "How many Amendments to the United States Constitution?" There have been 27 amendments to the Constitution. The first 10 are referred to as the Bill of Rights. Here is a brief description of all 27 amendments.

The 1st Amendment of 1791 protects freedom of religion, press, speech, petition, and assembly.

The 2nd Amendment of 1791 protects the right to bear arms.

The 3rd Amendment of 1791 prohibits forced quartering of soldiers in peacetime.

The 4th Amendment of 1791 prohibits unreasonable searching or seizures. Requires search warrants and probable cause.

The 5th Amendment of 1791 set rules about trial by jury, no self-incrimination or double jeopardy.

The 6th Amendment Amendment of 1791 protects the right to fair and speedy trial by jury, legal representation, and right to be notified and learn about the accusations.

The 7th Amendment of 1791 is about the right to trial by jury in most civil cases.

The 8th Amendment of 1791 prohibits cruel and unusual punishment, excessive fines and bails.

The 9th Amendment of 1791 is about protecting rights not enumerated in the Constitution.

The 10th Amendment of 1791 is about limitation of the federal government.

The 11th Amendment of 1795 is about Sovereign immunity for states.

The 12th Amendment of 1804 is about revised procedure of presidential election.

The 13th Amendment of 1865 is about abolition of slavery.

The 14th Amendment of 1868 is about definition of citizenship.

The 15th Amendment of 1870 prohibits the denial of suffrage based on color, race, or previous condition of servitude.

The 16th Amendment of 1913 allows the federal government to collect income tax.

The 17th Amendment of 1913 is about Senators to be elected by popular vote.

The 18th Amendment of 1919 is about Prohibition of alcohol.

The 19th Amendment of 1920 guarantees women the right to vote.

The 20th Amendment of 1933 adjusts the dates of the term commencements.

The 21st Amendment of 1933 repeals the 18th amendment about alcohol.

The 22nd Amendment of 1951 limits a President to two terms in office.

The 23rd Amendment of 1961 is about The District of Columbia getting representation in the Electoral College.

The 24th Amendment of 1964 is about no tax payments for the right to vote.

The 25th Amendment of 1967 defines the presidential succession process.

The 26th Amendment of 1971 is about giving 18 year olds or older right to vote.

The 27th Amendment of 1992 is about laws that affect Congressional salary; should begin no sooner than the next Congress.

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